Will You be Providing Care for Your Elderly Parents?

Much as we hate to think about our parents aging and becoming more dependent by needing more and more help with day to day needs such as shopping cleaning and taking care of their personal needs like washing, dressing or using the toilet, many of us will find ourselves in the position of informal carers at some point in our lives.

Because the care a parent requires may start off with just a little extra help here and there we just find we step up to the roll without considering their escalating long term care needs. Dependency in most cases is likely to increase with advancing years unless the care is only required for a limited time for example t recuperate from an illness or operation.

Charities and consumer groups such as Carers UK are there to provide useful help and support for carers and their families. Forums can help connect you to other families facing the issues that you have and they can give you advice on how you can deal with the bad days cope long term.

As a parent becomes more dependent this increases the pressure on the person providing their care over the longer term. A great many informal carers find that they have to juggle their own working situation and family lives in order to find the time to take care of their parent. They often feel that they are isolated and have nowhere to turn for help and advice, however help is available to ease this pressure.

Everybody needs a break at some point and if is possible to arrange respite care with either temporary care coming into the home of your elderly parent or even arranging for a short stay in a residential care home to allow you to take a break. It is important to keep yourself fit both mentally and physically to enable you to deal with the rigors of providing long term care to a loved one.

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