Who Can Provide Advice on Paying For Care?

According to the Dilnot Report, based on the work of an independent commission set with the task of reviewing public funding for social care in England, there is a stark lack of understanding of the care system within our society.

The long term care system is complex and not many people are aware of the benefits they may be entitled to, or the different options available for self funding for care. This is why quality independent long term care advisers are hugely important.

Long term care is a matter of much importance, as we live in an increasingly ageing society. As people live for longer, more and more people require some type of care in their old age. At the same time, the costs of care are on the rise. Given these facts it is more important than ever to plan properly for old age, and make informed and considered choices.

The NHS and the local council provide funding for care. The NHS provides a needs tested service known as NHS continuing healthcare. The social services department at the council provides a means tested care funding. If you or your GP feel you need some form of care, an assessment will be made to work out what type of care you need. Based on this, additional assessments will be made to work out the financial aspect of your care.

You can find information about how the NHS and council funding works from the social services department and from your GP. For detailed information about how the care system works, the means test, and the continuing care needs test, you can visit websites of charitable trusts such as Age UK, that provide free comprehensive resources for elderly people. You can also find information about social care on the official government website ‘www.directgov.co.uk’.

The care system can be quite complex, and it can be difficult to find information relevant to your individual circumstances. Seeking specialist advice can be useful as an independent specialist can give you information and advice specific to your needs. A specialist also has knowledge about options for self funding and managing your assets while paying for care. Another important benefit of seeking specialist advice is that you receive objective and impartial advice.

Whether you need information about the care system with respect to your individual circumstances, or help and guidance about self funding long term care – seeking advice is important. Financial decisions related to long term care often have a significant impact on your estate and savings, so it is important to make well researched and informed choices with expert help.

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