Legal Services Made Available to the Elderly in Care

Due to advancing years many elderly people may start to struggle when taking care of their personal and financial affairs. The pressure may be eased by their family or close friends helping when asked to do so. It is likely that this situation will grow progressively worse at which point an attorney may need to be appointed.

Here is where Solicitors for the Elderly can help you to find a specialist legal adviser who has a vast amount of experience in dealing with elderly client issues you can find a specialist by clicking on their website here where information is provided in assisting the elderly on all things legal.

A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint someone your trust to take care of your affairs. There are two different forms of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). One of them deals with your property and financial affairs and the second one deals with your health and welfare. A Lasting Power of Attorney needs to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian before you are able to use it.

The Office of the Public Guardian is responsible for maintaining a register of all Lasting Power of Attorneys. You should be aware that it currently takes up to ten weeks for the Office of the Public Guardian to register your LPA. This delay is due to them having to check that all the details on the document are correct and then they need to wait for six weeks to see if any objection is lodged.

If you had an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) which was set up prior to the new system these are still valid now provided it was signed prior to October 2007.

Although you do not need to arrange an LPA through a solicitor it is usually advisable to do so to ensure that all documentation is completed fully and so that the Attorney is aware of their legal obligations.

Other legal services may be required for example if your home should need to be sold to cover the costs of your care or if you needed to appeal against a decision by your local authority regarding who is to pay for your care. Additionally, if you are looking towards equity release mortgages than an independent solicitor is required to complete the legals on your behalf.

In summary, a solicitor should be considered a safe haven for the elderly who are usually considered the more vulnerable in society. Therefore, always seek professional legal advice, usually of which you can receive a free initial consultation of matters relating to care.

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