How are Self Funders Treated When Calculating Care Home Fees?

Research by the Government shows that nearly 40% of those in residential care will be self funders who are likely to be paying their fees from the proceeds of the sale of a family home. It is therefore essential to know the rules regarding the treatment of your property in respect of paying your care home fees and to be in a position to make the right decisions in the future.

If your need for care has been assessed as primarily needing care due to your health either through disability, accident or illness you will be entitled to receive your care free of charge due to funding through the NHS. This is known as continuing healthcare and because it is a needs based benefit, your home would be disregarded as no financial assessment would be required.

If you feel that your loved one should be entitled to this type of free care you need to ensure that an assessment is carried out. Recently the Government has opened their doors to a flood of claims from people who believe they had a case that should have been fully funded healthcare but had found themselves paying for their care themselves. It is likely that three out of four people in care who should have received NHS funded care.

Sometime a stay in a care home may only be expected to be a temporary arrangement perhaps following a stay in hospital; if this is the care then your home will be disregarded for the means test.
Other times the value of your home may be disregarded would be:

  • If your spouse or partner lives in the property
  • If a relative who is disabled or aged over 60 resides in the property
  • If a child under the age of 16 lives there
  • If someone has given up their own home and permanently moved into care for the elderly person some local authorities may have the discretion to ignore the property
You property may be disregarded by the local authority for the first 12 weeks of your residential care if your other assets fall below the means test for care. Always seek independent long term care advice before taking any course of action.

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