Even the Cost of Care Triggers a North South Divide

Cost of care includes all the expenses related to long term care and can therefore vary from case to case. Different care homes charge different fees and prices can range widely. Another important factor that can impact how much you will end up spending for long term care is – where you are situated.

Independent research suggests that in England there is a significant difference in social care spending between the north and south. This means that according to some research carried out after the last spending review, it has been observed that there are more cuts in the social care budgets in northern councils than in the south of the country.

While some northern councils seem to be cutting spending down to the bare bones in order to make savings, it seems that spending might have even increased in some southern neighbourhoods. So, how does this apparent divide impact on individuals and the costs of their long-term care funding?

Long term care costs can include care home fees, carers’ fees, nursing care fees and any other expenses related to care such as home adaptation work. The local council can provide help with care for those who need it based on a means test. The north - south divide in spending on social care means that there may well be a difference in how much you will have to contribute towards your care depending on where you are located.

Care home fees can range between £350 to £850 per week for residential care and £500 to £1,100 per week for nursing care. While residential care can include help with daily living, nursing care involves a health related or medical component of care. How much your care home charges will depend on a number of factors, including the facilities offered, location of the care home, and of course the type of care required.

Consulting a specialist financial advisor can help you understand exactly how much you could claim and how this may affect your income (pension credits etc.). A specialist can also help you plan for long term care funding using other financial tools such as care plans and annuities.

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