Assistance From Charitable Foundations With Providing Elderly Care

We have a predominantly aging society and as such, issues of geriatric concern are becoming ever more important. Long term health care is at the forefront of these issues, as a growing number of people need some type of long term health care in old age today.

Long term care can include help with a variety of things, and can range from help with daily chores to continuous nursing care. Depending on the nature of care services needed, it can be provided in a variety of settings – either in your own home, in community settings or in residential care facilities.

Long term care costs can include a wide variety of things. From carers’ or nurses’ fees to any modifications that need to be made to the home to make it more adaptable to your situation – all these expenses are included in care costs. The general cost of living is on the rise, and so is the cost of care. So who pays for long term care during old age?

The care system in the UK is complex, and state funding is available subject to a detailed means test. The NHS also provides funding for continuing care. To understand exactly what you may be entitled to, it is important to find the right information from the right sources. You can find information about long term care from the NHS, the social services department of your local council, as well as from charities for the elderly.

There are a number of charities such as Age UK that provide helpful information and guidance about the care system and various processes involved in receiving long term care. These resources can prove invaluable as they provide objective and impartial advice about different funding options, including commercial lending options to pay for long term care.

Some charities also provide tangible help in the form of mobility aids, home adaptations etc. If you have any specific needs, it may be worthwhile to speak to a charity helpline. They may well be able to give useful leads, if not provide monetary or practical help themselves.

The area of long term care can be confusing, and getting the right information and advice is paramount. Charitable foundations such as Age UK provide an invaluable service by providing up-to-date and clear information about all aspects of long term care.

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